IT Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Designed to meet the unique needs
and budgets of small businesses!


Most IT solution providers offer the same kind of security protection they have relied on for the last 10 years. Sure, hardware has advanced during that time, but hackers have continually outpaced the technology used to deter them.

This “old strategy” of protecting the perimeter (used by most IT solution providers) offers little or no protection during the “Delivery” or “Exploit” phases (see graphic below) because malware WILL get past your Firewall! (Ransomware is really good at getting past firewalls).

This type of solution simply waits until you get infected, then tries to contain the malware that is already on your computer from spreading throughout your network. How’s that workin’ for ya!

At Managed Computer Services (MCS), we STOP more than 80% of malware during the Delivery or Exploit phase — BEFORE it ever gets into your computer.

So how do we do that? We remove the vulnerabilities that hackers use to attack small business computers by layering enterprise grade processes into our unique security solution to provide unprecedented protection.

Why can’t all IT service providers offer the same protection? They CAN, but don’t – because advances in technology eat into their profits. Why? Because they lock their clients into two or three-year contracts so the cost of any new technology they try to incorporate must get passed on to their clients.

Oh, but wait… They sold you on a “one flat fee per month covers everything” for the life of the contract. OOOOPS! So how can they add new technology without any additional cost to their clients? THEY CAN’T…

That’s Why MCS Can Be Different!

At MCS, we can offer long term contracts, but we also allow you to use our solution on a month to month basis if you prefer. Why? Because we implement new technologies whenever they become available, if it adds value to our security solution or to our clients.


So what kind of IT solution provider do you want…
Pro-Active or Re-Active?


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