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At Managed Computer Services (MCS), we are always reviewing new products and services that will benefit our clients, for both efficiency and budget. These may include new programs designed to boost your business’ security, resource to help protect your data, new VoIP systems to improve client communication, and lots more.

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Micro Business (1-9 Computers)

We understand that different size businesses require different types of support and services. Micro businesses don’t have the budgets that larger businesses have. 

That’s why MCS has built most of our solutions for the computer – NOT the network. That’s why we can scale all the way down to a single computer.


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Small Business (10-30 Computers)

Slightly larger businesses often have an on-staff IT person, or someone who “knows computers”. But that person is almost always overworked and over-stressed, meaning that business goals and productivity take a backseat to putting out fires!

MCS is one of the very few IT solution providers that will work with your on-site computer person to coordinate how we can lighten their load, so your business can be productive and accomplish your goals.

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Mid-Size Business (31-100 Computers)

Mid-size businesses understand the value of “Managed IT” or outsourcing. Because our solutions are scaleable, it doesn’t matter whether you have 1 computer or 100 computers.

Most senior management of businesses of this size are “okay” with their IT, they just wish they could communicate with them!!!

MCS can help here too. We have experience  translating “GEEK” to “C-Suite”. 

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